Queuing Problem Solved by Centerm Smart Terminal M10

November 08, 2019
Waiting is often an unavoidable experience in many business settings. The Indonesian Police Traffic Corps. faces this problem. All these times, making Driver License in Indonesia have never been a fast to do task. Someone who attend late can finish earlier than the one that attend earlier because there's no integrated queue system. All participants were all over the place. So, the Traffic Corps. requires a well-organized Driver License making system (with First In-First Out system). Facing this problem, Centerm recommend the use of Centerm M10 and Centerm Q60, which can be connected with one another.
First, the participants are registered using Centerm M10, and waited in line with their printed queue number. Centerm M10 also act as participants’ attendance which got connected to Centerm Q60 when their queue number comes up. After receiving data from Centerm M10, using Centerm Q60 to call out the participant by their queue number to go to the tests area. Upon finishing the tests in 5 test locations, the examiner gives passing checks for each appropriate test using Centerm M10 and decides whether the participant qualified or need to re-take the tests later. Examiner compiles the data from Centerm M10 to print the driver license and finally gives it to the qualified participants. Making Driver License is now faster, organized, and fraud-proof with Centerm terminals.