Centerm Participated in HBL Technical Seminar

June 17, 2021
On June 9, 2021, Centerm was invited to take part in a technical seminar organized by Habib Bank Limited, the largest bank in Pakistan. The highlight of the seminar was the presentations on various aspects of latest banking technology, including hardware, software and solution.
Centerm displayed mobile banking solution for opening of account and other cashless financial services, making it possible out of banking branch. Moreover, in rural areas without bank branches, it was necessary for banking staff to provide door to door services at any point of time and at any place.

In this seminar, Centerm showcased the latest mobile tablet T101 which is tailored for financial institutes. Different from traditional tablet, T101 has integrated with necessary financial modules, including card readers, fingerprint reader, camera, pinpad and e-signature feature. Mobile tablet technology is helping the banker journey to go anywhere, and integrating the ease and sophistication of digital platforms, which takes up less space and are able to provide all the information which customers may require.

Besides, Centerm also has launched the counter solution. Centerm e-signature terminal A10 is especially designed for the banking counter. Previous banking counter is installed with multiple devices, such as pin pad, fingerprint reader, card readers to collect customer information for transaction. A10 is one new generation multi-media information interactive terminal based on ARM platform and Android OS, and integrated with multiple function modules for space saving.

Centerm not only is Global Top 3 thin client vendor, but also is a pioneer in banking field, which has been awarded as China’s most valuable smart banking solution provider. Centerm product and solution have successfully deployed in China’s Big Four Banks (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Bank of China) and other commercial banks.