Centerm continues to rank Top 1 in China’s thin client market

September 25, 2020
According to the latest IDC China Thin Client Market Tracking Report for the Second Quarter of 2020, China's thin client shipment in the first half of 2020 were 503,000 units, of which Centerm continues to rank the first place. The market share climbs to 50%, and continues to lead the market.

The reason why Centerm continues to rank Top 1 in China’s and APeJ’s thin client market, is that Centerm has maintained continuous innovation, exploration and research on thin client products and solutions. As the pioneer in thin client market, Centerm has the largest market share in China for eighteen years, and also occupied Top 1 in Asia-Pacific market for eight consecutive years.
Relying on the outstanding innovation and transformation of the new generation of cloud desktop platforms, Centerm launched the next generation cloud platform for various users from banking, insurance, enterprise, government, communication and other industries. At the same time, Centem has obtained the "China's Best Financial Cloud Platform" award. Nowadays, Centerm’s cloud platform has successfully deployed in many financial institutions, providing intelligent and high-efficient financial service and accelerating the financial transformation. Besides smart banking solution and financial solutions, Centerm has also launched a series of security solutions, to create a safe and controllable ecosystem for enterprises.