Centerm Makes Pakistan Banking More Secure

February 07, 2018

Following successful deployment of C92 and D660 in BAH, Centerm,Global 3rd thin client vendor, announced that Bank AL Habib Limited, one of the largest banks in Pakistan, has selected Centerm trusted client TS660(V2.0) to increase security and efficiency in their branches across Pakistan.

Centerm has been working with Bank AL Habib since 2016, delivering higher reliability and efficiency solutions for banking.Trusted computing refers to technologies for resolving computer security problems through hardware enhancements and associated software modifications.Based on high performance, Centerm smart trusted terminal TS660 (V2.0) combines TPM module with encryption algorithm, intelligent authorization logging recognition and unified management platform, to deliver a highly secured environment.

About Centerm
Since 2002, Centerm has been the leader in banking branch digital transformation, delivering a seamless and secure digital banking experience to customers. For more information, please visit: