Centerm Kept No.1 Rating in APAC in 2015

March 30, 2016

It is an exciting time for Centerm as we are proud to announce that Centerm has successfully grasped 9% market share in worldwide thin client market 2015 according to the latest IDC report 2015Q4 below: 

Although the world's total thin client sales have dipped 6.9 per cent in a year to just 5.08 million, however, Centerm has realized 15% growth with total shipment of 457,000 units of thin clients in 2015, together with its market share raising from 7.3% to 9%, which ranked No.4 after Dell, HP and NComputing. 

The glorious 2015 has passed, 2016---Centem is keeping growing with its solid R&D strength, good product quality, professional solutions and the faithful partners all over the world! 

About Centerm

Centerm, APeJ’s No.1 thin client supplier with over ten years focusing on IoT clients and solutions. Our award-winning solutions have been recognized by diverse markets for high quality, reliability and innovation. For more information, please visit: