Centerm E-T9 Won the Red Star Award 2015

December 16, 2015

On Novermber 19th, the annual event of China red star design award ceremony 2015 was hold in Beijing with 18 countries, 1566 enterprises and 6025 products attended. To ensure the high level of the winning products, China red star design award has always kept the award rate being around 5%, which is far lower than the 30% award rate of German red dot award. The judge team was composed with 12 expertises coming from 5 countries of Germany, USA, Italy, Korean and China. "China design represented by the red star award has reached world-class level. " ---said the chairman of German industrial design association. 

Centerm intelligent terminal product E-T9 has participated in the competition of 2015 red star award. After two rounds of rigorous preliminary and final selection, E-T9 stood out from 6025 competing products and won the "China Red Star Design Award" . 


E-T9 integrates all the counter functions of financial industries into one laptop computer, changing the conventional business model and truely realize the mobile office. It is mainly used in the disaster area, emergency counter and outdoor marketing, as well as serving for the customers who need door to door service.. To meet the the needs of each industries in the coexistence of various business scenarios, E-T9 adopts modular design and integrates ID card scanner, finger print device, contact / non-contact IC card reader, high speed document scanner, camera and 3G model etc. The high-gain outer 3G antenna solves the problem of weak signal outdoor. The external high-speed document scanner is convenient to use and completes the business functions. 

According to the stack of internal components, the thickness of E-T9 was designed according to the minimum size and the local thickening method was adopted in the space where is not enough, which has not only thinning the device and also makes it show good level. To make the device more lightweight and portable, part of the shell adopts aluminum oxide sand blasting process; the plastic shell used the exquisite leather processing, and the color collocation of black and silver looks nobility and cool. 

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