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Centerm K203 is a portable card dispenser, which integrates multi-function

Power Supply DC 12V/3A
Communication Interface Support WIFI, Bluetooth, USB, RS232
Conditions of Use The host sends command to control the equipment according to the protocol.
Card Requirements Width:54±0.5 mm, Length: 85±0.5 mm, Thickness: 0.76~0.9mm
Card Type Paper or polyester cards
Magnetic Card Supported Support the magnetic card which is in line with ISO7810, ISO7811-1 to ISO7811-6, ISO7812, ISO7813 and ISO15457 specifications
Contact IC Card Supported Support for reading and writing ISO7816 ordinary memory card, logical encryption card, smart card (CPU card)
Non-contact IC Card Supported Support for reading and writing the non-contact IC card which is in line with ISO14443 TYPEA/TYPEB or 14693
Capacity of Card Box Based on the thickness of 0.76mm, convex word card: 40pcs, flat word card: 55pcs.
Speed of Sending Card 30pcs standard cards per minute (under the conditions of without reading or writing cards or other operating)
Battery Battery capacity:3300MAH, 6~8 hours
Life of Magnetic Head 800,000 times
Life of IC Card Contact Point 500,000 times
Life of Transmission Device 500,000 times
Net Weight 2.0Kg
Size 301mm × 138mm × 142.5mm
Support to issue the card, recycle the card, read the magnetic card, read & write contact and contactless IC card.

Support USB, RS 232 serial port, Bluetooth, WIFI

Easy to maintenance and high security. The host can send commands to recycle the cards to a specific recycling box.

With WIFI, card storage, power, Bluetooth status indicator lights, can reflect the state of the device.
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