Improve the Dining Experience with Centerm Smart POS

February 26, 2019
Thailand Food Court has the most various of delicious snacks in Bangkok which attracts lots of people.The high popularity also increases the pressure on merchants’ service. However, Centerm Smart POS C960F breaks down the traditional ordering model. Merchants can easily complete ordering and fast receipt at their fingertip. Then customers can pick up the food in the catering area with the dining ticket.
C960F: Simpler Acquiring Service
Due to its sleek design, C960F can be hung on the wall which greatly saves space. Merchants don’t need extra card readers or point of sales devices. The customers can directly swipe the card after they order food. C960F greatly improves the acquiring service efficiency.

C960F: Smart Order
Due to C960F’s 10.1-inch screen, ordering App, touchable operation mode, menu with pictures and prices can be clearly displayed on C960F, which makes ordering intelligent.
“We can see dishes and prices immediately on C960F combing ordering and acquiring. It’s really convenient during peak hours” said a waiter from Thailand Food Court.

Centerm C960F has successfully deployed in Thailand Food Court, which improves dining and acquiring services, provides better experience to customers for enjoying smart dining journey.